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Trial Advocacy Manual Training - Guyana DPP

On August 25, 2021, NCSC in partnership with DLA Piper New Perimeter conducted a training with prosecutors and police prosecutors from the Guyana Office of the Director of Public Prosecutors. DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack and Brian Hall, Political/Economic Chief at Post, provided opening remarks for the training. The purpose of this training was to highlight the contents of the Trial Advocacy Manual and discuss key trial advocacy skills. Prosecutors were invited to engage in conversation to discuss best practices and challenges with trial advocacy. Prosecutors also engaged in a practical exercise to demonstrate trial advocacy skills. In total there were 23 participants at the event, including the DPP, ADPPs, prosecutors and police prosecutors from the DPP’s office. Prior to the meeting, NCSC provided the DPP’s office with a physical copy of the Trial Advocacy Manual; the manual will be disseminated throughout the region and NCSC will conduct similar trainings for these counterparts. The launch of the Trial Advocacy Manual is a follow-on project to previous trial advocacy trainings conducted by DLA Piper New Perimeter.

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