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The Caribbean Anti-Crime program aims to:

  1. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice sector

  2. Dismantle criminal financial networks and undercut the proceeds of transnational crime and drug trafficking

  3. Improve regional prosecutorial capacity to deter drug trafficking and smuggling

  4. Improve citizen security by increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement institutions

Activities are implemented under three integrated components:

Criminal Justice Assistance

Criminal Justice Assistance interventions identify high-priority criminal justice challenges and design interventions to address transnational and complex crimes at both a national and regional level. These subprograms are implemented by NCSC home office staff based in Arlington, VA and NCSC experts based throughout the U.S. For more information on the Justice Sector Assistance component click here.

Financial Crimes

The Financial Crimes team aims to advance efforts to strengthen civil asset recovery mechanisms, implement anti-money laundering best practices and investigate and prosecute other financial crimes throughout the region. For more information on the Financial Crimes component click here.

CBSI-Connect Training

The CBSI-Connect platform is a distance learning platform to facilitate internet-based communications between individuals in different locations. CBSI-Connect reduces the cost of workshops by minimizing travel and allowing recipients to connect to trainings through a high-quality internet platform. CBSI-Connect’s Training Advisor is based at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Academy to promote and monitor the trainings conducted on the platform. CBSI-Connect is widely used by the police in all the countries under the CAC project. With the current COVID-19 situation, CBSI-Connect is vital to continuing virtual trainings, and its scope has expanded to include trainings for judicial officers. Click here to visit the site.

For more information on the program and regional context, check out the following infographics:

Caribbean Anti-Crime Program Briefer

Impact of Caribbean Anti-Crime Program on Criminal Justice Continuum

Financial Crimes Cycle

Financial Crimes Cycle - Country Speedometers

For more more information on our participants and trainings, check out our Participant Data Dashboard and Financial Crimes Dashboard.

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