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Technical Working Group - Regional

On September 16, 23, and 28, 2020, the CAC program hosted a Virtual Financial Crime Technical Working Group which brought together approximately 85 representatives from Law Enforcement, Financial Intelligence Units, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Office of the Attorney General from across CARICOM Member States and British Overseas Territories. The objective of the conference was to share regional and international best practices in combatting financial crime. Experts from the Caribbean, United States, Chile, Spain, and the United Kingdom covered a range of topics including international cooperation; money laundering; and asset recovery. In addition, practical exercises based on case studies and mock cross-border and civil asset recovery investigations aimed to strengthen participants’ knowledge and skills and further build capacity to combat financial crime. The conference also sought to enhance international cooperation between states by expanding and promoting efficient regional mutual legal assistance in asset recovery and anti-money laundering cases; promoting and improving the standard of money laundering investigations and prosecutions as a means to tackle transnational criminal organizations operating in the Caribbean; and enhancing partner-country efforts to introduce and effectively use civil asset recovery legislation to disrupt criminal activity by recovering criminally acquired assets.

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