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Gang Investigation and Prosecution Workshop - Jamaica

On August 8-9, 2020, the CAC program, hosted a virtual two-day workshop for Jamaican prosecutors and law enforcement officers on investigating and prosecuting gang related crimes. Over 200 prosecutors, police and correction officers participated in the workshop conducted on the INL supported CBSI-Connect distance learning platform. The workshop was led by U.S, Jamaican and regional experts who presented best practices in intelligence gathering, evidence analysis, use of informants and technology, and concepts of group criminal liability. Presentations also included overviews of the gang threats in Jamaica, legal and procedural mechanisms, and seizure of associated proceeds from gang activities through civil asset recovery. Although virtual, the workshop facilitated interactive discussions between the participants and experts including breakout sessions for brainstorming on a hypothetical scenario tailored to Jamaica. The Gang Investigation and Prosecution workshop is part of a regional initiative and was the first in a series of basic and advanced training programs.

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