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Promoting Advanced Trial Advocacy Skills - Guyana

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

In April 2018, The Justice Sector Assistance to the CBSI Program hosted a three-day trial advocacy workshop for the DPP's office of Guyana. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with National Institute for Trial Advocacy. The opening ceremony was attended by the US Embassy, DPP, Chief Justice, Chancellor and the Attorney General and was attended by thirty-five participants. The workshop was hosted as part of NCSC’s ongoing work under the Justice Sector Assistance to the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative Program (CBSI), funded by the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. By working with prosecutors through a focused country-by-country series of training workshops, along with ongoing basic trial advocacy program for police prosecutors’ offices, NCSC and its partners are developing a uniform capacity to investigate crimes and properly prepare and organize case files for use in evidence-based trials across the region

The program focused on improving the participants’ direct examination, cross examination, opening statement and closing argument techniques. Skills development training included strategic tools for persuasion, physical presentation, controlling difficult witnesses, introducing forensic evidence, and rhetorical devices. program faculty employed a “learning by doing” approach, involving teaching through joint plenary sessions alternating with hands-on workshops in a simulated courtroom.

The training was the third in a series of five workshops which make up a multi-staged initiative that addresses effective tools for investigation of cases; best practices in case management; preparation of files to ensure successful prosecution; and improved trial advocacy skills for police prosecutors.

NCSC’s partnership with The National Institute For Trial Advocacy has enabled the program to deliver high-impact, cost-effective program interventions that build upon previous trainings and capacity building in the region. NITA has partnered with the program for more than 5 years, providing training in over six Caribbean Countries.

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